As part of your activity, you must provide daily reports on the liquidity of your company, short, medium and long term cash flow forecasts, create dashboards. For this you must “go fishing” to retrieve the necessary informations, reprocess your sources and use them in Excel.

It takes a lot of your time, which no longer allows you to do in-depth analyzes of your statements.


TechnoSpheris consultants with triple expertise: trade, organizational and technical know perfectly well the benefits provided by the functionalities of the S E I unit.

  Easier decision-making.

  Real-time operation and visibility.

  User autonomy.

  A solution accessible during mobility.

  Transversal collaboration.

  Increased productivity


TechnoSpheris offers you an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that guarantees the security of your data.

A flexible solution adapted to each function in the company: the reporting solution from our partner SAGE which facilitates your decision-making :

SEI intuitive Business Intelligence solution fully integrated to Sage XRT Treasury