As part of your trade, you are exposed to the following risks :

  Internal fraud (modification of your bank details).

  President’s transfer fraud

  Supplier fraud: fake suppliers who ask to change their bank details.

Therefore, you must strengthen your control procedures and ensure the integrity of third parties used in your payments (suppliers, salaries, taxes, balancing).


TechnoSpheris consultants with triple expertise: business, organizational and technical are fully aware of the risks inherent to the risk of fraud :

  Control the risks of fraud upstream of the payment chain.

  Protect the third-party repository.

  Guarantee the integrity of your banking transactions.

  Ensure the AUDIT track of all operations.


TechnoSpheris supports you all along the stages of your project (analysis, configuration, integration, advice and change management) and offers you a solution from our partner SAGE :

Download the product sheet : Anti Fraude Sage by Technospheris