Following the implementation of a software or Cloud solution, the company expects support from its partner with several requirements :

  The quality of responses to the requests made.

  Personalized support

  A short time of resolution.

  A high resolution rate.

Facing these expectations, the company does not always know where to turn and the hotline offers show certain limits. Thus, the support expected by the company is not limited to technical support in the context of a malfunction but to real support over time to ensure the necessary maintenance and changes in a context of permanent change.


The expertise and added value of TechnoSpheris support is to position the company and its environment at the center of the service offered. Thus, the service offered is not limited to a business and product experience, but to the use made by the customer of the solution integrated into his information system. This personalized Proximity approach is very different from traditional support services.


TechnoSpheris’ support missions are threefold :

   Business experiences

   Technical constraints

   Safety and regulatory requirements

To guarantee a service in accordance with the level of service agreed with the company, TechnoSpheris offers a Proximity Support service (TSSdp) with an extended area of ​​intervention and a service that goes beyond simple support.