As part of your job, you must use a secure universal exchange communication platform accessible through different channels.

Your mission is to organize, orchestrate and secure all the incoming and outgoing flows of your business.

You must provide a bank exchange service (banking protocols and formats), a payment and cash-in service as well as a secure electronic signature service.


TechnoSpheris consultants with triple expertise: business, organizational and technical know perfectly all the functionalities of this communication platform.

They have an IT expertise that allows them to master all technological challenges to ensure the success of your project.


To set up a centralization of bank statements, to manage and control all your payments, to use the electronic signature, to ensure the security of flows and a connection by secured protocol (SFTP, FTPs, HTTPs) TechnoSpheris offers you the solution from our partner SAGE: an international platform for the exchange and management of financial flows :

Sage XRT Business Exchange