Why join us ?

Why join us ?

  To cope with our development, we are constantly recruiting new talents on long-term contracts or independent status according to your choice.

  We are the leader in the consultancy market specialized in payments and cash management with a number of specialist consultants close to be a hundred. With us, you have the certainty of being able to pursue a career in the payment business and not to be positioned on assignments outside your core interests.

  Our position in the market allows us to win very interesting assignments, at the heart of the payments actuality, the concerns of the main banking groups and the large companies and in touch with the digital and international.

  Thanks to the experience of each of our employees, former treasurers, bankers or consultants, we accumulate a unique amount of know-how, which associated with a sustained training policy, guarantees our employees continuous stimulating progress.

  Syrtals seeks and selects high level consultants specialized in payments and cash management.

  Our principle: to be attentive at each stage of your career in our firm, from the recruitment phase to the continuous improvement of qualifications and progression in terms of responsibilities and fields of intervention.